Nescafe Kuksa Set

Set includes Spoon and traditional Kuksa Mug with special wooden case.

- Spoon and Kuksa Mug are made from PURE NATURAL 100% Cherry Tree.

- 100% Natural and Eco Friendly

- Kuksa Mug has 200ml capacity.

100% Handmade by RodopiCamper Team

***Kuksa Set is produced by us. It is not Chinese product***


Before you start to use your Kuksa, firstly pour anything else you normal drink into the cup. Then swirl the drink counter-clockwise, enough to wet the edges and drink.

Repeat the operation one more time but this time swirl the drink in the cup clockwise. Your Kuksa is ready to use.


* Do not wash Kuksa with washing-up liquid or in a dish-washer, washing may damage Kuksa

* Avoid using hot liquids and never use any detergant

* Oil the mug occasionally with olive oil

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Where Can I See RodopiCamper Roof Top Tents?

We do not have a showroom at the moment. However if you live close to our office address, please give us a call and we will be happy to show you our Hard or Soft Shell Roof Top Tent which we have on our showroom vehicle.


Why Should I Buy A RodopiCamper Roof Top Tent?

Our Roof Top Tent  background is coming over 20 years camping experience. Bringing together all experiences and ideas have created Hard Shell and Soft Shell Roof Top Tents by family members. All Roof Top Tents are produced by family members and they all are 100% hand-made, environmental, handy and high quality with short set up and pack up times and under warranty against manufacturing faults and defects in the original product.

How Can I Order Any Roof Top Tent  On Website?

Please check out our Order page at the bottom of our website. Here, you will find Order process.


How Do You Ship and Install Roof Top Tent?

We ship Roof Top Tents directly to shipping address. Shipping is free in Bulgaria and if requested by the customers located in these area, installation is provided by our team. Otherwise, installation should be done easily with two person via installation instruction.

The customers located out of these area, they have to pay shipping cost. If they need any help about installation, we support via phone. Also they can follow Installation Instruction.


Does Any Roof Top Tent Fit On My Vehicle?

Hard Shell Roof Top Tents are between 200 and 230cm lenght with 100 and 160cm width. Due to its dimensions, we recommend Hard Shell Roof Top Tents mostly for sedan, wagon and SUV vehicles. Because of the safety issues we do not recommend Hard Shell Roof Top Tents to install on hatchback or on short roof lenght distance as Suzuki Jimmy.

Soft Shell Roof Top Tents are suitable for all vehicle types due to its folded sizes.

If you have any doubt about fitment of our products, please feel free to ask any time.

Can My Vehicle’s Roof Carry The Tent? What Kind of Rack System Do I Need?

RodopiCamper Roof Top Tents can be mounted on most vehicles with their universal mounting equipments. They are designed to be mounted on two or three cross bars not directly on the roof of the vehicle. The roof rack system transfers the weights to the structural parts of your car’s roof. Therefore we mostly recommend customers to use Thule or other roof rack systems and cross bars which has a maximum 100 kg dynamic weight capacity. Before you order, please check the manufacturer of your car roof rack system applicable weight limitation.


Do I Need to Order Any Other Things?

If you do not have any Roof Rack System or Cross Bars on your vehicle, you only need Cross Bars on your vehicle. If you have only Roof Rack System, you don't need any additional equipment. We provide the aluminium cross bars under the tent who has own Roof Rack System. All other attachment components are included with the tent. 


Can I Set Up Roof Top Tent On My Own?

Due to its size and weight, set up needs at leays two people to lift the tent on the vehicle. Installation takes less than 15 minutes. Once its mounted, it only takes one person to set up and pack up.


Are All Roof Top Tents Suitable For Winter Camping?

Our all Roof Top Tents are produced for three and four season usage. Waterproof and  windresistent canvas fabric is ensuring long lasting performance in the most extreme  conditions.

Do You Have Any Option to Paint The Tent to Match My Vehicle?

Our Hard Shell Roof Top Tents have Fiberglass Shell. If requested, it is possible to paint the Shell color as the same as vehicle color.

Do You Provide Any Warranty?

All RodopiCamper Roof Top Tents are under warranty for two years. This warranty covers manufacturing faults and defects in the original product and starts from the date of acceptance of delivery by the customer. Normal wear to tear, damage caused by improper use, improper cleaning, improper storage, accidental damage, commercial use, severe weather events, alterations, animals, insects and damages cauused by natural disasters are not covered by warranty.


Do You Sell Spare Parts?

If needed any spare parts, please get in touch with us.


How Many People Fit In Roof Top Tents?

Extreme Four Season XL fits 3 adults, Extreme Four Season and Four Season Double fit 2 adults. Four Season Single fits 1 kid + 1 adult.

Mart Eco, Mart Active, Mart Standard and Mart Family with 125x115x30 fit 2 people. However, Mart Standard and Mart Family with 150x115x30 can fit max 4 people.

What Is The Maximum Speed With Roof Top Tent?

We recommend a maximum speed of 110kmph while driving with Roof Top Tents. To avoid any accident, please follow the legal speed limit..

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